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Trust me, planning a wedding could be seen as the hardest hard work ever. However, have you ever thought about planning your own wedding? Gracious me!!, the moment I think about the arrangement and the processes involved in planning a wedding, It  feels like am going crazy.

Obviously, wedding involves endless details, deadlines, family drama, and most often, enough stress that can make one feel like swinging on an electric high tension pole.

Well, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Everyone will like to get everything right and perfect starting from the invitation to the reception, but this is the actual war itself and this war is only in your head. 


What are you thinking?

1, You are thinking of what your wedding gown will look like.


2, The type of venue to use.

And we all know that type of venue one chooses for reception determines how classic or glamorous or regular the wedding ceremony  will be. At this point you start to think about whether to use an Event Hall, Marquee, an Outdoor space or a Lounge for your reception. When you're done with the venue headache, next on your mind will be the cost of the venue. Please, don’t mistake a “bush” for an “Outdoor space” for your wedding reception due to cost management.


3, Who to invite and who not to invite.

You have to be careful when doing this part, though it looks like the easiest part. But trust me, it is not. If you make mistakes in your invitations, by time your village people gather and meet those of their friends in “township” whom they have not seen in a long time, they may end up changing the reception for you to their  annual village meeting.


4, What will my parents wear?

This is another major problem. Of course, you definitely have to think of what mommy and daddy will wear so that they won’t look like comedians or do you want them to look like one?


5, The food and drinks.

Leftovers is one thing I don’t like and avoiding left overs will save you a lot of money. Moreover, you will like to have the food and drink in the right quantity. Mass production of wedding food is not a good thing. Have you ever attended a wedding where you were served with a large quantity of rice that tasted like funeral rice? (You know the food that are served at funerals are usually not tasty because the people preparing it are not in their best mood.) And the worst part of the gist is that, the large quantity rice is usually accompanied with a small piece of meat like the size of a magi cube or the size of a tablet of paracetamol, then you say to yourself ‘Tufiakwa’!!! I could have bought takeaway rice before coming to this wedding.

6,How many guests will be in attendance?

At this junction, you will not only think about the number of guests that will be in attendance, you will also worry yourself with the kind of gifts they will bring along and what gift you will give in reciprocal. You think of the strategy of giving out the your gift, weather if one comes with a small gift box you reciprocate the action by giving the person a small souvenir like a small plastic spoon.

The easy way out when planning your wedding?

Now you have seen some simple reasons why I feel the way I feel about planning a wedding. You have a whole lot to worry about in order to get your dream wedding become a reality. One has to factor in plenty rest when planning his/her wedding to avoid running away from the rest of the world in search of a quiet place during one’s wedding reception.


We all want a stress free and successful wedding and this is where comes in. The website hosts  a wide range of professionals in the event industry and as a result, it becomes so easy for you to achieve your dream wedding with just a click. All you have to do is to visit from your comfort zone and click on the various professionals in the event industry and everything begins to happen. You can also list your service with them.


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