The excitement you feel when you first get engaged is usually very amazing and it varies depending on the individual in question.


You are bubbling over with excitement and an uncontrollable grin; I totally agree with you, you should be. It’s your special moment, you’re no longer a bridesmaid, you are now the bride and soon you will be wearing your dream wedding dress. Fantastic, am excited as well. What next? They storm all the social media with photos of the ring on their finger.  


Sometimes the men are so unlucky, no kisses, no hugs after they have spent days thinking, rephrasing and reciting on what to say to the lady and they will be like….

However, many brides will be super anxious and overwhelmed, but you have to be very articulate in order to plan your dream wedding excellently. Some brides may start planning their wedding with the imagination they had when they were little.

While some may freeze up and will not have a clue of where to start.


Don’t worry, everyone will have input, from family to friends and colleagues, trust me even strangers like to voice their opinions when they hear you are engaged. You can listen to them, but it’s your choice, you don’t have to do everything everyone suggests, but below are my views in achieving a lovely and beautiful wedding.

Work with your Pocket not your imaginations?

It is important to have a budget that suits you. All your plans should fall into your budget. There is nothing as bad as running out of cash at any point when planning your wedding. Make sure you have the right amount of money.

Don’t copy other people’s wedding; it’s your own day.

Some people like copying everything, I mean everything. Of course, one can pick one or two ideas from other people’s wedding, but being a wannabe will not do you any good. You should have your own unique touches and this will keep people talking about your wedding ceremony for years. Don’t forget that, “this is your day.”

The Bride’s Gown

The bride’s gown is very important. Remember, everyone wants to see how the brides look on her wedding day. In choosing your dream wedding gown, please allow your wallet to guide you. Set your wedding dress budget and stick to it. Avoid those wedding gowns that are out of your price range, but if you have plans of going over budget, good and fine, if not, use the expensive wedding gowns concepts as your guide towards choosing gowns that are within your budget.

It is important to remember that the bridal gown should be amazing though comfortable and should reflect the bride’s personality and lifestyle. The wedding gown should be a surprise to the groom. The groom should see the bride on her wedding dress first time on their wedding day.   

You should remember that everyone will notice if the bride is not comfortable in her dress, and it will also be obvious in your photographs.


The venue for this great occasion

The venue for your wedding is your personal choice, though your budget plays a great role in the choice of venue you want to use for this occasion. The earlier you make up your mind on the type of venue you want to use and book it, the better for you. Sometimes you can cut a great deal with the venue manager when you book ahead. You should also consider unique venues like poolside, sport centers, beach and national parks for your wedding receptions. But the choice of venue should be something that is personal to the couple as it makes a perfect setting their marriage.

Wedding card concept

 A letter in a postal envelope? Or an invitation in a Wedding card?

I am not asking you to make a choice funny enough, in my opinion, I prefer to be given a wedding invitation in a wedding card than a wedding invitation in a postal envelope to avoid mixing it up with other everyday mail.

To be honest, people actually read meanings to wedding invitation cards, the nature of your wedding card has a big role to play on your invitation. These days where time and networking is of the essence, people tend to classify the type of weddings they attend. 

Wedding invitation cards should be kept simple and you should incorporate the theme of your wedding (if any) into the invitations, this will make people expect something different about your wedding.


The wedding cake

It is important to know that your wedding cake is like the exclamation point on the reception. Your cake should be a total reflection of your style and taste. One can always go for the relatively conventional layered cake, but write your names on it. Let your wedding cake also reflect the theme of the wedding (if any). Try something a little bit different from the regular cakes, it will make your wedding cake to stand out. 

A day before the wedding. 

A day before the wedding is actually the time to relax and ease out stress before the big day.

The groom can take some of his friends somewhere like the bar or bowling while the bride and a few of her friends can go somewhere like the spa or cinema. 

Be polite on your wedding day.

It is a good practice for one to shake hands, knowing that someone is leaving or thank them for coming. Brides especially should not allow herself to be stressed out. Give room for errors, just have contingency plans in place.  Yes, it's your wedding day, but it's not enough reason to neglect the good opinion and esteem of those around you.




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