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www.clickonvenue.com is a robust online event management and marketing platform, designed to widen the horizon and the business reach of all types of business and projects that has to do with events. It is a user friendly tool that eliminates the stress, energy and time involved in looking for and pulling together the various stakeholders necessary for an event to be successful, one doesn’t need to be a professional before using www.clickonvenue.com. This website is a collection of key stakeholders in event management and this includes but not limited to Restaurants, Event Halls, Marquees, lounges, Conference rooms, Spas, rooftops, Cake professionals, MCs, DJs, Bottlers, decorators, make-up artist, studios, Photographers. The website is designed in such a way that event planners, Event venues and services and other event stakeholders  can effectively communicate with each other.


To be an informative and user friendly website that increases the visibility of all Event stakeholders and to be the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering, reserving and booking from the broadest collection of Event Venues and Services in every corner of Africa.

what www.clickonvenue.com is offering you 

Content Marketing

This is a special and effective way of selling your event venue or services in details on the internet to prospective clients as this method engages clients to actually learn about your event venues or services. Of course you can easily come up with contents and pop it up on your blog or website; I know this is what is going on in your mind now. No, it doesn’t work like that. Consider how much time you will spend searching for content, analyzing the data and coming up with ways to utilize and show case the information. Why not free up your resources and reallocate it to other areas of your business.  www.clickonvenue.com offers a unique targeted content marketing strategy.

Clickonvenue website is commanding large internet traffic, our social media (Facebook, twitter, instergram, google plus) is active and has large followers. Every blog post on our website is shared on our various social media. We offer two types of blog services:

General Blog service marketing: This as the name implies, is a blog post that is targeted to represent all vendors in that category. Example: “Top Marquees in Abuja with mega deals this holiday”. This will cover all marquees on the website that has mega deals.

Specific Blog service Marketing: here, an individual vendor service or product is used to build content, including the vendors various contacts like address, phone number, website, etc. Example “Tips on how to choose the perfect cake for your dream occasion.” In this kind of post, all material used in building the post will be coming from the vendor, including the cake pictures, the address, phone number, website etc.

Save yourself time and Money

Clickonvenue.com hosts all key event stakeholders uniquely and also sells their event venue or service uniquely too. Very importantly, our second set of clients is your first and equally the key aspect of your business existence (“people searching for event venues or services”). Problem solved right? You can now invest more of your time and money into developing your business efficiency and customer relations.

Back-end access for making changes

Clickonvenue.com offers a full detailed and dynamic web page or portal that is unique to a vendor. Each vendor has a username and password in order to access his/her own back-end for new information to be updated at any time.  The vendor’s page gives vendors the opportunity to enter detailed and key information about their businesses including pictures, videos and links to one’s various social media. The information displayed on ones portal is so detailed that it can represent the vendor’s business online. This implies that you may not need to build a website. With this feature, one can actually keep prospective clients abreast with the latest features or development that has occurred.

Increased Brand Recognition, Visibility and Accessibility. 

Clikonvenue offers one the opportunity to put up organised contents. Our platform is another new channel for brands contents and voices to be heard and reached easily. Our site brings your business very close to your prospective clients, makes it more easily accessible for new clients, more familiar and recognizable for existing ones. Clickonvenue makes it very easy for one to easily refer one’s business to someone else, by simply telling the person to visit www.clickonvenue.com. Do you know that, clickonvenue platform makes it very easy for one to become so acquainted with a brand as the site gives one the opportunity to learn so much about a vendor.

Not a middleman

www.clickonvenue.com is not a middle man. We expose every bit of your information about your organization to your prospective clients. (Example: address, phone numbers, email, social media contacts, etc.) We only lead your clients directly to you. We do not influence your decisions or your prices or come between you and your clients. Our platform gives you the opportunity to enjoy one-one relationship with your clients. This will enable you to know your customers and become even more familiar with your targeted audience. You will easily learn about your customer’s preferences and changes in trends and you will be able to deliver high level of customer satisfaction.



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